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For information on billing, project status, new business and imaging consultation, please call or write:
State and Local Records Management Division
Texas State Library and Archives Commission
PO Box 12927
Austin, TX 78711-2927

Jacqueline Jacobs - Imaging Services Supervisor
jjacobs @ or 512-475-5162 

General Information

The Imaging Services Department of State and Local Records Management (SLRM), a division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, operates a full-service image conversion center catering specifically to the needs of state agencies and local governments. Imaging Services specializes in preservation and archival microfilming, processing and duplication, and comprehensive quality control inspection and editing. The unit also has the capability to create digital records using rotary, flat bed, and pass through scanning equipment.

All microfilm produced by the Imaging Services Department meets the requirements found in the Microfilming Standards and Procedures for state agencies and local governments.

Services are performed under interagency agreements with governmental entities. Analyst staff will review your needs and advise you on the most appropriate and cost-effective method of performing the work. Job cost estimates are provided at no obligation to the client. Detailed job specifications are determined prior to contract negotiation. Estimates of the time required to do large jobs can be provided during the job cost estimate phase; however, the actual start date cannot be guaranteed until the time of contract negotiation.

Digital Archive Writer

The State Records Center can transfer your digital images in any file type to microfilm with the highest image quality available. The DAW is capable of landscape or portrait on both 16mm and 35mm reels.

Services available for:

  • 16mm 2.5mil      Portrait or Landscape
  • 16mm 5 mil        Portrait or Landscape
  • 35mm                  Portrait or Landscape

Charges: The charge per image is quoted on the TSLAC Fee Schedule.

The charge per image always includes film processing; quality control editing; proper targeting and certification according to client requirements ; density and resolution readings, and labels providing roll number, and beginning and ending contents of each roll.

Digital Imaging Services

The State Records Center can create digital images in multiple formats from both paper and microform source documents for State Agencies or Local Governments. Maps and other oversized documents may also be digitized by the Imaging Unit.

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Source Document Microfilming

Imaging Services films documents on rotary cameras using 16mm and 35mm silver halide film.


  • Rotary
  • 16mm, 35mm silver halide film
  • Micropublishing A variety of reduction ratios
  • Proper exposure controls to accommodate colored documents
  • Step test analysis
  • Targeting Automatic indexing (coding, blipping)
  • Microfilm container labeling and indexing

Charges: The charge per image for source document microfilming on rotary cameras is quoted on current TSLAC Fee Schedule.

The charge per image always includes film processing; quality control editing according to client requirements; proper targeting and certification; density and resolution readings; and computer-generated container labels and transmittal forms that provide the records series title, roll number, and beginning and ending contents of each roll

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Microfilm Duplication

Services available for:

  • 16mm, 35mm silver halide roll microfilm
  • 16mm, 35mm diazo roll microfilm
  • Microfiche and microfiche jackets

Charges: Charges for duplicating film are based on a per-roll or per-fiche basis and on the type of duplication film requested.

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Microfilm Jacket Loading

This service is provided for records that must be periodically updated. Roll microfilm is created, then cut and loaded into jackets. When new documents are created, they are filmed and loaded into their respective jackets.

Charges: The charge for this service is quoted on a per jacket basis and is available only for microfilm created by SLRM.

Microfiche Creation and Duplication

Diazo microfiche duplication services are available for producing copies from microfilm jackets or silver halide microfiche.

Charges: The charge for this service is quoted on a per fiche basis and will vary depending on the number of copies, editing requirements and indexing requirements.

Quality Control Editing

Editing services are performed on a light-box, microfilm reader, or microfiche reader and conform to all state standards. All film created and/or processed by SLRM is edited for quality. The charge for this service is included as part of the per image rate for microfilm created by SLRM or as a part of the processing charge for microfilm sent to SLRM. Editing requirements vary depending on the individual job specifications.

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Resolution and Density Testing

This service is available on request for agencies that create their own microfilm. All microfilm cameras in operation at SLRM are tested and adjusted for optimum camera resolution at the beginning of a job, whenever the camera is moved, and whenever editing staff detect resolution problems in film quality. This charge includes reading and reporting the results of the test film supplied by the client. There is no charge for this test on microfilm produced by SLRM.

Document Preparation

Document preparation is provided to agencies on a limited basis. The Charge for this service is based on an hourly cost and depends on project complexity and time requirements.

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