Preparing Records for Storage at the Records Center

State Records Center (SRC) staff annually transport in excess of 60,000 cubic feet of records from approximately 110 state agencies and local government entities to the records center. To facilitate the transfer process and improve management controls over the records in storage at the SRC, we ask your assistance in following the procedures listed below. Deviating from these established procedures may result in unnecessary delays in completing your transfer.

Records storage box requirements

  1. Unless authorized by the State Records Center Manager, all records must be packed in the standard records center storage box. Microfilm Records (16mm and 35mm) should be packed in individual acid-free containers.
  2. Standard box specifications (commodity contract information)
    • Cases, storage box, fiberboard (200 lb. test), lift-off top
    • Vendor number: 84202
    • Commodity code: 61537130850
    • Carton letter or legal size: 12-1/4"W x 15-3/4"L x 10-1/4"H
    • 25 boxes per carton
  3. To order, contact your regional WorkQuest representative
  4. Boxes should be free of all markings except for the agency box number as described below in the section Numbering boxes.
  5. An exception may be made for boxes used to store records at the agency or local government entity prior to transfer to the SRC.
    • These boxes may be acceptable provided they are free of all printing, markings, paint, and tape on one end and one side.
    • Information written on the other end or side of the box must be relevant to the records stored in the box.
    • If unsure, contact

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Packing records to be stored

  1. When removing records from file cabinets, keep them in order. For example:
    • If filed in numerical order - begin packing the first box with the lowest number as the first file and pack all files in order ending with the highest number as the last file in the last box in a shipment.
    • If filed in alphabetical order - begin with "A" in the first box and keep the files in order throughout so the last letters of the alphabet will be in the last box.
  2. If records in the file cabinets are not arranged in a logical order that can be used for retrieving files, they must be put in order before packing boxes. For the purpose of returning files to the agency from records in storage, SRC staff must be able to quickly and easily locate a file within a box. NOTE: Approximately 50,000 items are circulated by the State Records Center each year.
  3. Place legal size and letter size records upright in the box, as they would be arranged in a file drawer. Leave two (2) inches of space in the box.
    • Place letter size records in the box facing the front end, which will be numbered as described in Numbering boxes.
    • Place legal size records in the box sideways, facing the left-hand side of the box.
    • Stack computer printouts and ledgers on their backs facing the lid of the box. Do not stack above hand holes.
  4. Pack only one records series with the same disposal date in the boxes for the same shipment.


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Numbering boxes

  1. Mark each box number one inch high to the left of the handhold, preferably on the side of the box WITHOUT staples.
  2. Number boxes in consecutive order. Do not duplicate box numbers in the same shipment. The box number may include an alpha code (such as, AC for accounting) and does not have to start with "1" since the agency customer may have previously sent boxes of the same records series to storage.
  3. Do not put the box numbers on lids.




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Stacking boxes for pick up

  1. Stack boxes six high or less to prevent crushing of bottom boxes.
  2. Stack boxes in numerical order. Boxes must be stacked with the first or lowest number as the top box. This is required to reduce the number of times the boxes have to be lifted and moved in order to be accessioned into storage.
  3. Keep boxes for each SRC pickup together in one location. (If we have to retrieve records from multiple areas, there will be multiple delivery charges.)
  4. The agency contact person will be called to schedule the pickup of containers. Be sure the contact person is available at that time as there may be questions that have to be resolved or the containers cannot be picked up.

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Verifying contents of containers for storage

  1. The identifying information on the file folders for the first and last files in each container must match the receipt information. (The receipt, called the "Texas Delivery Report", is the printout of the requested pickup that our driver will bring for the customer's signature, the driver will also leave a copy with his signature for the customer's records.)
  2. Box numbers must agree with the information on the receipt.
  3. The first/last files and the box numbers will be checked by SRC staff as needed to ensure that the correct group of containers is being picked up for storage and that the records will be maintained for the approved period of time before disposal.
  4. Agency staff should either maintain an itemized list of all the files in each container, or create each file in the TexLinx system. If agency staff needs to request the return of a file from storage, they must be able to identify the container in which it is located.

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Page last modified: September 22, 2021