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About TexShare

What is TexShare?

TexShare is a cooperative library consortium designed to improve library service to Texans by focusing on the efficient sharing of library resources, with an emphasis on electronic information resources and traditional collections of books and journals. The broader the participation in this endeavor, the greater the benefit to the entire group. To learn more about the history, mission, and programs of TexShare, visit the web site at

At the heart of TexShare is the synergy that occurs when librarians work together to serve customers better.

How TexShare Resource Sharing Programs Improve Services

TexShare enables participating libraries to offer a broader range of materials and services than any single library can provide. TexShare services include:

  • Online information resources  - e-content licensed by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission to provide authoritative, articles, books, and multi-media from verifiable, subscription-only sources.
  • TExpress -a courier service that quickly moves materials among participating libraries. Participating libraries pay a reduced rate, and enjoy quicker, more reliable delivery than conventional methods.
  • TexTreasures Grants - awarded to assist libraries in digitizing specialized collections. (Affiliate members are not eligible.)
  • TexShare Card – a reciprocal borrowing agreement permitting eligible patrons of participating Texas libraries to directly borrow materials from other participating TexShare libraries.
  • The Library of Texas – a tool to help library users discover and retrieve e-content from the TexShare databases, via a simple search, regardless of the content provider.
  • Interlibrary Loan protocol - an optional agreement that encourages TexShare Libraries to be as generous as possible with each other while maintaining institutional priorities for interlibrary loan service.

Changes in TexShare Membership Structure

Originally formed as a consortium for publicly-funded academic libraries in Texas, over two decades TexShare has broadened its membership eligibility to private colleges, community colleges, and then to accredited public libraries. Later, a change in statute permitted participation by Libraries of Clinical Medicine.

The new TexShare Affiliate Membership program further broadens participation in TexShare services, providing a structure for other kinds of nonprofit libraries to benefit from TexShare services.

Affiliate Member Category

Following the Statewide Resource Summit in 2008, stakeholders recommended a change in TexShare’s governing statutes to permit more flexibility for the consortium to welcome other types of libraries for membership.

In response to the recommendations of the summit, the law governing TexShare was changed, and rules for adding new libraries to the consortium were adopted, including new "affiliate membership" category.

How to Become a TexShare Affiliate Member

Joining TexShare as an Affiliate Membership is a multi-step process.

  1. Start with a group.  Prospective Affiliate members must first partner with one or more other similar libraries to form a collective. Types of collectives may include non-profit hospital libraries, county law libraries, non-profit K-12 libraries, museum libraries or any similar group. All members of a collective must be non-profit libraries.


  2. Petition TSLAC.  The collective’s application petition, using the petition form for collectives here (Word Document),  must include these sections:
  1. Description of the collective and criteria for member in it. Criteria should insure that each member meets appropriate accreditation standards, has a library with sharable resources, and has staff adequate to provide support to the library's participation in TexShare.
  2. Explanation of how members of the collective will fund their participation and show how their membership would enhance resource sharing for all TexShare Libraries;
  3. Indication of which TexShare programs the collective wishes to join.
  1. TexShare Advisory Board Review.  Petitions approved by the TSAB are forwarded with a recommendation to TSLAC’s Director and Librarian for final approval. Any collectives denied membership may appeal to the full Texas State Library and Archives Commission.
  2. Individual Member Applications. Each member of the collective must apply for Affiliate Membership using the application form here: (Word document). Application requires this information:
  1. Proof that the library meets the criteria set up by the collective in step 2a above.
  2. Indication of which TexShare programs the individual library wishes to join.
  1. Affiliate Membership. Libraries submitting successful individual applications are welcomed as new Affiliate Members of TexShare

The  Path to Full TexShare Membership

After two years, if the collective decides it would like to become a full TexShare member, the collective may petition for TexShare full membership status. Get the petition for full membership here. (Word document) Steps include:

  1. Petition TexShare Advisory Board. A collective’s petition must show that:

    1. The collective’s funding source is sustainable;
    2. The collective’s members will actively participate in more than one TexShare program (an individual member may only participate in one program, but the collective as a whole must have members participating in more than one program),
    3. The collective’s full membership in TexShare would benefit all TexShare member libraries.
  2. TexShare Advisory Board Review.  Petitions approved by the TSAB are forwarded with a recommendation to TSLAC’s Director and Librarian for final approval. Collectives denied membership may appeal to the full Texas State Library and Archives Commission.
  3. Individual Membership Applications. Once a collective has been approved for full TexShare membership, each member of the collective may apply to the TexShare Advisory Board for full individual membership in the consortium.


Contact TexShare at or call 512-463-5465.


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