TexShare Affiliate Membership


TexShare members include public and private universities and colleges, community colleges, public libraries, and libraries of clinical medicine. (See TexShare Eligibility for more information on current member categories.)  The TexShare Affiliate membership provides a structure for other kinds of nonprofit libraries to benefit from TexShare services. Affiliate membership differs from full membership in that:
  • Affiliate members do not qualify for TexTreasures grants
  • Affiliate members do not participate in the TexShare core databases; when vendor contracts allow, they may participate in TexSelect database offerings.
  • Affiliate members pay the full cost of participating in TexShare programs (no state or federal funding is applied).

How to Become a TexShare Affiliate Member

New rules for the TexShare Consortium have redefined TexShare Affiliate membership. See 13 TAC 8.1(14) for eligibility requirements. A new application process will be released by the end of January 2019.


Contact TexShare at texshare@tsl.texas.gov or call 512-463-5465.


Page last modified: December 10, 2018