Electronic Resource Collection Development Policy
updated FY2014

TEXSHARE Collection Development Statement

TexShare is founded on the belief of Texas State officials and librarians that citizen health and well being is furthered by efficient information exchange in all communities and institutions where quality teaching, research excellence, and lifelong learning are valued. The TexShare Databases program seeks to help meet the information needs of the citizens of Texas, whether they are currently attending the state's colleges and universities or seeking information from their public libraries. TexShare programs contribute to the intellectual productivity of Texans at the participating institutions by emphasizing access to rather than ownership of documents and other information sources.

TexShare Core Databases

TexShare enables community colleges, universities, libraries of clinical medicine, and public libraries to broaden the range of materials and services available to their patrons. TexShare’s electronic full-text magazine and journal articles supplement resources on the local level. Given the diversity of Texas libraries, the program may not meet all of the electronic information needs of all TexShare member libraries. The TexShare electronic resources collection will provide access to broad multi-topic authoritative full-text content for both advanced scholars and the general public. When possible within budgetary constraints, additional specialized resources in the areas of literature, business, current affairs, science, history, and genealogy are selected which serve the broadest range of citizens.

The TexShare Electronic resources are selected through recommendations of the Electronic Information Working Group (EIWG), which reviews products for the TexShare program, and solicits and reviews input from member libraries. Membership in the Working Group is representative of TexShare member libraries. EIWG decisions are guided by these criteria when making decisions:

  • Membership Surveys
  • Usage Statistics
  • Database Content
  • Vendor Reliability
  • Best Value

Individual Libraries can participate in the database selection by:

  • Sending comments and recommendations to the EIWG
  • Sending recommendations about databases to TexShare staff (all comments are forwarded to the EIWG)
  • Filling out and submitting database surveys
  • Sending comments throughout the statewide database trial period to the EIWG and the TexShare staff


The TexShare collection of ebooks is selected through recommendations of the Electronic Information Working Group (EIWG), which reviews products for the TexShare program, and solicits and reviews input from member libraries. Ebook purchases are made on a subject basis and not title-by-title. Reconsiderations are governed by local library policy and practice. Ebook selection guidelines are developed each year based on:

  • Usage statistics
  • Areas of subject need not met by other electronic resources
  • Established subject areas of collection strength
  • Titles available for consortial purchase from publishers
  • Publisher licensing which advances each library’s efficient sharing of ebooks and allows libraries to provide reasonable access with platform neutral loan capability


TexShare electronic resources are supplemented through the selection of resources to be included as TexSelect products. TexSelect enables the Texas State Library and Archives Commission to utilize the aggregated purchasing power of the state to leverage the use of local funds to purchase databases at discounted prices.

Recommendations for TexSelect products will be made using similar criteria and procedures as for the TexShare Core Databases. Selection practices for TexSelect will accommodate selections that appeal to a smaller number of member libraries that are highly motivated to subscribe to specialized content. TexSelect products should be useful in more than one type of library, or provide unique content/indexing, and include commitment from the vendor for renewal of TexSelect discounts in future years. Additional criteria are:

  • Significant subscription discounts
  • Content that supplements what is available in the core databases

Statement of Responsibility

The TexShare Core Databases offer access to a wealth of material that is personally, professionally, and culturally enriching to Texans of all ages Professional librarians select the TexShare core databases by a process involving a statewide effort over an extended period of time. The purchase of electronic databases and ebooks by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission does not constitute an endorsement of the ideas or opinions expressed in the content of those databases and ebooks. Use of all library resources is governed by local library policies and procedures.


Voluntary Product Accessibility Template

As is required by 1 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 213, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission complies with the State of Texas Accessibilities requirements for Electronic and Information Resources.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission requires all vendors providing bids for Electronic and Information Resources to submit a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). Once received, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission reviews for compliance with the State of Texas Accessibility requirements (based on the federal standards established under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act). Those not in compliance must provide a timeline for correction.

Vendor VPAT links are available from the current list of contracted resources.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission maintains a portal to TexShare electronic resources at https://texshare.net. The current Accessibility Conformance Report is available for download.

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