Texas Characters

Texas has had its share of colorful characters. Click the links below to learn about:

W. Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel

Pappy O'Daniel began his career as a flour salesman and host of a country-music radio show before his popularity catapulted him to the Texas governorship and the U.S. Senate in the 1930s and 1940s.

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Emily West

Emily West was a free African-American servant who was kidnapped by Santa Anna's army on April 16, 1836, and forced to accompany the Mexican army to the Battle of San Jacinto. After the Mexican defeat, stories began to circulate that Emily helped the Texan cause by keeping General Santa Anna occupied in his tent while the Texans attacked. Though the story has no basis in historical fact, it became a popular Texas myth and Emily West eventually became known as "The Yellow Rose of Texas." It is thought that she returned to her home in New York in 1837.

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