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Design of the Lone Star Flag

The Consultation, meeting in November 1835, avoided an outright declaration of independence for Texas, choosing instead to support the Mexican Constitution of 1824 and demanding separate statehood for Texas within the Mexican Confederation. The delegates approved an interim "Organic Law" setting up a provisional government and chose three commissioners to go to the United States to plead their cause, gain financial support, prepare military units, fit out ships, and generally solicit U.S. government's recognition for the proposed Texian government.

The commissioners, Stephen F. Austin, William H. Wharton, and Branch T. Archer, soon realized that their cause would be considerably strengthened by an outright declaration of independence from Mexico. Their flag designs submitted to the revolutionary government reflect a strong commitment to a country tied to Anglo-American tradition, with a nod to Mexican ties in the red, white, and green colors of the second design.

Thumbnail - Blue and White Flag Design

Blue and white flag design

Thumbnail - Red, white and green flag design

Red, white, and green flag design

Thumbnail - Flag and Seal Design by Krag

Texas Flag and Seal Design by Peter Krag, approved January 25, 1839

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