Stephen F. Austin, Military Address to the Inhabitants of the Colony, January 22, 1827

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Stephen F. Austin 1827 call to arms

and anarchy by a handful of desperate
renegadoes. The Civil and Military Chiefs
of Texas accompanied by a chosen band
of national troops march with us, who
in union with the brave and patriotic
Militia of the Colony will be fully able to
crush in its infancy this mad
unjust and unnatural rebellion.

To Arms Fellow Citizens!

To Arms in the cause of liberty, of
virtue and justice; To Arms in defense
of your adopted Government, and [to] hurl back
the thunder upon the heads of those base &
degraded apostates from the name of
Americans who have dared to insult you
by a threatening to join them in their mad
and criminal schemes.

            Every man able to bear arms
is now wanted. Temporary inconvenience
and loss must and ought to yield to necessity
and duty; you will receive the pay allowed
by law to National Troops of the same class
and the commander will see that it is
punctually discharged as soon as possible.

            The People of this Colony
after a full understanding of the pretended
cause of complaint on the part of the
rebels as well as of the mild and mag
nanimous course of the Govt in offering them
a full and unreserved amnesty and an
impartial and public investigation of their
alleged greivances [sic], have unanimously, solomny [sic]
and voluntarily pledged themselves in writing

Stephen F. Austin, Military Address to the Inhabitants of the Colony, January 22, 1827. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #67. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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