Mirabeau B. Lamar to Jefferson Lamar, April 10, 1836

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Lamar to his brother Jefferson, 1836

to the U.S. and return them their money without
trusting it with any one here, or exposing my-
self to danger, but a course so unpatriotic
and disgraceful, I know they would not
require of me; if in addition to the fact of
involving an [?] equal amt with each of
them, I also peril my life, I am confident
they will acquit me of any selfish disregard
of their interest.

            If I fall I shall leave either
with Zavaloe [sic] something in the shape of a
will which you will have to execute; I
shall leave it either with Zavaloe [sic] or Mrs. Long.
If not drawn up with the formulations of law,
I know that it shall nevertheless be fulfilled.

            My health at present is good.
I feel much solicitude for my mother;
If she was well and cheerful & could
bear affliction with more fortitude I should
be happy. Tell Rebecca Ann [Lamar's daughter], that
she must learn to write read & spell well,
and that is the best education. I have petitioned
to Govt for my League of Land as a citizen
of Texas in 1835, but the Govt will do nothing
in it; I think however the testimony of
Hoxey  & Christman, the Surveyer [sic] of my inten-
tion to return to the County as a citizen will
hereafter secure the Land when war
is over.

I write in great haste

Your affectionate Brother

M. B. Lamar

Mirabeau B. Lamar to Jefferson Lamar, April 10, 1836. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #351. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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