Mirabeau B. Lamar to James Webb, February 23, 1842

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Lamar to James Webb, 1842

offender should not be permitted to go unpunished.
Eminating [sic] as it does from one [of] the highest of our
public functionaries, and wearing the aspect of a
Government measure, the people becomes as deeply in-
terested in the matter as myself. But however success-
ful the author may be in eluding the resentment of
the public, I cannot allow him to escape from his respon-
sibility to me. Every honorable mind that has perused
the offensive publication, must feel that the malignant
spirit that pervades the peice [sic], its falsehood and abuse;
as well as the diabolical and flagicious [sic] character,
of the proportion which it contains, will not allow
me to pass it by in silence; and
I have a full assurance in the chivalry of
our people and their keen sensibility to insult, that
I shall be abundantly sustained by them, in seeking
that redress which it [sic] is not only my right but
my imperious duty to demand. I must therefore
request the favor of you to call upon Mr Anson
Jones and ask him in my name whether he is or
is not the author of the communication signed A,
which appeared in the "Weekly Texian" of the 26th Ult.
Accept of no equivocation or explination [sic]. I only
want to know the simple fact whether he had any
agency or connection whatever, even in the slightest de-
gree, with said publication; and if he had, as a
matter of course, he shall hear from me again.
You can either send him a copy of this letter or cause
it to be read to him in the presence of some third party;
and require of him a categorical reply to my in-

Your friend

Mirabeau B Lamar

Mirabeau B. Lamar to James Webb, February 23, 1842. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #2126 . Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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