James W. Robinson to Sam Houston, April 23, 1837

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In this letter, James W. Robinson recommends Seguín for an appointment. The letter reveals much about Seguín's role as a bridge between the Anglo and Tejano leaders in early Texas. Robinson was a veteran of San Jacinto and had been vice-president of the provisional government during the revolution. He was captured during the Woll incursion into Texas in 1842 and sent as a prisoner to Mexico, where he helped open a dialogue with Santa Anna that resulted in a brief armistice between Texas and Mexico. He later moved to San Diego, California, where he prospered in business and served as district attorney and school commissioner.

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Robinson to Houston - Page 1

City of San Antonio De Bexar April 23d 1837.

To his Excellency
Sam Houston
President of the Republic of Texas

Dr. Sir,
Permit me to
respectfully recommend the Hon. Joseph Baker, and
Col. John N. Seguine [sic], as suitable persons to discharge
the duties of Register and Receiver of the land office
at this place. They are both much esteemed by the
citizens of this land district, and both speak and write the
Spanish and English languages, which are very
necessary qualifications, for Land officers here,
and their talents and fidelity in the discharge of
every public trust confided to them inspire
well-founded hope that your confidence will not
be misplaced in the appointment.

The appointment of one resident citizen from
the body of the Mexican population of this district,
would in my opinion by a wise stroke of sound policy,
and I know no man in whom I repose greater confidence
than in Col. Seguine. His appointment as receiver
of public monies would be peculiarly happy.
His devotion to our cause at an early period of the
revolution, and throughout the war up to this time,
is well known to your Excellency. And his pre-
ferment now would be regarded, by our Mexican friends
as an act of Justice, and would greatly encourage
others to imitate his bright example.

Judge Baker's claims and qualifications is
also known to your Excellency, and I hope


James W. Robinson to Sam Houston, April 23, 1837, A.J. Houston Collection, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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