James W. Robinson to Sam Houston, April 23, 1837

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they have met your approbation. The population here
are very much pleased with him, and he and Col.
Seguine are friends. They would harmonize
as associate officers. No act of your administration
I am sensible could give more general satisfaction
than the appointment of those gentlemen.

I have presented your salutations to the
Priest of this place, and in return he presents,
through me, his benediction, and prays for
your prosperity.

I have been rec'd here with
many demonstrations of joy, for the Priest and
the United Mexican and American population
say that they have been ardently praying for the
Establishment of the civil authority and the supremacy
of the law of the land. They strongly object to the military
rule, and say they will cheerfully obey the laws and confo-
rm to their interpretation by the courts. And more cheerful
obedience no people can show, and I have assured them
that no pains would be spared on your part to
protect and defend their rights. But great caution and
prudence is necessary here to preserve order and do justice.

I will not be able to hold a court here now in consequence
of there being no clerk or sheriff elected in Feb. last, but
the people are going to elect county officers. I will
ask you and Congress to legalize the same and hope this will
meet your approval. For nothing else can save them
from the present disorder. Let there be civil
officers here, for the full exercise of their duties, and
you will have no further causes of complaint.

I will see you in the course of 20 days.

I have the honor to be yours with great respect
James W. Robinson


James W. Robinson to Sam Houston, April 23, 1837, A.J. Houston Collection, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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