Letter to Burnet from Zavala, Rusk, and Hardeman

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Zavala Letter to Burnet - Page 1

Camp San Jacinto
1st May 1836

Dear Sir
Ten days have now elapsed since
the Battle at this place and of the
propriety of the army having at once taken
up the line of march no one could
have doubted for a moment We are gaining
nothing and our enemy are certainly losing
nothing by our delay-- There are provisions
at the Island which we greatly need
we have prisoners here which must be
transported there we have also arms our
force is not sufficient to take care of
these prisoners and arms and also march
upon the enemy as we should
There are Steam Boats at the Island
which might long ere this have transported
the prisoners & extra arms to Galveston, and
have transported our baggage (for it must
be recollected that we left all baggage
waggons behind to make a forced march on the
enemy) to Harrisburgh -- There is also

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