Letter to Burnet from Zavala, Rusk, and Hardeman

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Zavala Letter to Burnet - Page 2

Page 2
business of great magnetude to be transacted
here by the Executive Government all these
things must be known to every one I have
Those of the Cabinet who have are here
have waited with great anxiety for
the arrival of yourself and the Secretary
of the Navy with the Steam Boats &
provisions hopes have been differed &
expectations have been disappointed
I we entered the Cabinet with reluctance
I we have no ambition to gratify by the
possession of office but the good of
the Country. If things are to go on
as they have done for the last few days
I we have no desire further to be connected
with transactions that must result
to the injury of the Country I we may speak too much
in the Spirit of complaint but I we
have Suffered much by seeing the
Golden moments of action drag

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