James Bowie, Report to Political Chief, 1835

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Mr. Henry Rueg- ) Natches August 3th 1835
Jefe Politico of the )
department of )
Nacadoches )

Sir I have made my tour through
the Indian villiages and make this my Report. the
Shawnees were all in a drinking frollick which
I Learned before reaching them and did not call on
them, I then went to Big Mushes Villiag where I
found him and all his People drinking and dancing,
waited on them one day to get sober but they did not
and I then Proceded to Bowls villiage which I found
in good disposition he called his war chiefs and
councelors togeathor and after a counsel with them
he agreed to go himself and all his men on the
Proposed trip campaign, and amediataely dispatched
his couriers to all the Cherokees and Shawnees to
meet at his house in four days from today in
order to march with me, it is necessary to state to
you the information I received today which has
caused me to change my former intended
rout and ask your coopperation and aid. I
learned from Matthew Sims who Lives high up on
the trinity River and has come direct from Robins'
teritory ferry he states that the troops from Austins collony
say two hundred and fifty has all marched and
last Tusday united at the head of the Navasoto
which it is impossible for us to overtake them
By going that rout. Mr Sims also informs me that
one of the Chickesaw Indians who Live with

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