James Bowie, Report to Political Chief, 1835

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Bowie Letter - Page 2

the Kichies came from Hollis Trading house
with him to Robins.s ferry told him on the way
that all the wacoes Tewackanoes and Towackes and
some of the comanches had assembled near
coffees trading house above the cross timbers
on red River, and Coffee had advised them to
go to the interior and Kill the mexicans and
bring their horses and mules to him and he
would give them a fair price for them and
further States that a short time Since a party
of Tewacknoes came to Coffees Trading house
from a trip to the Colorado and informed
him they had Killed and Robbed some amer
icans Mr. Coffees answer was its all well and to
proceed in the business, he would Protect
them and give them market for their plunder
and also Stated that Coffee had for his protection
at his house Two hundred of that class of
Indians and twenty five white men, this
report is corroborated by a chickasaw w
was in the Battle when John Williams was
Killed. he came to Bowlses day before
yesterday on a mission from the Keechies Wacoe
Towocones and comanches, Proposing a treaty
between them and the Cherokees which was
not axcepted by them, I wish you to take
every step in your power to put a check to
this abuse and recommend you to raise fifty
or more men to join with the Cherokees and
shawnees and proceed Iamediately to Coffees
Neighbourhood On Red River where we Shall find

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