Reward: Sam Bass and Other Outlaws

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REWARD: Sam Bass and other outlaws
$10.000 00/100 Reward
Omaha Train Robbers

William Heffridge Alias Bill Heffery 5 feet 8 0r 9
inches high 145 or 150 28 to 30 years old light Brown
hair light Beard and mustach front tooth gone
Tattoo on hand and dancing girl Tatttooed on

Sam Bass. 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high 140 or 150
pounds 23 to 25 years old described as quite
young and boyish looking dark complexion
Hair black and cut short. mustach cut short
Beard black, thin and not very stiff has very white
teeth shows his front teeth when laghing is slow
talker and don't talk much drinks very little
does not use Tobacco is called a Texas man

Jack Davis 5 feet 11 inches high some think 6, feet 190
pounds 30 years old large heavy Broad shouldered
man brown eyes dark hair and beard mustach
not very heavy slow in his walk and has habit
of walking with his hands behind his back
Talks and drinks a great deal Rode a dunn
colored horse with a glass eye

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