Reward: Sam Bass and Other Outlaws

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Wanted poster - page 1

James Berry 5 feet 9 inches high 180 pounds
30 or 35 years old Sandy or Red hair with
a little gray in it Sandy Beard and mustach
chin Beard quite long Red or Florid complexion
Blue eyes full round face which gets very red
when he has been drinking Talks a great deal

Tom Nixon 5 feet 8 inches high 140 to 150
pounds 25 years old Light Hair and Beard
not very long or heavy Blue eyes was riding
a horse with a W and heart Brand

E.M. Morsman
Supt U.P.R.R.
Omaha Neb.
Chas. H. Foulk
41 years old 6 feet high 180 pounds Brown hair
light col,d goatee. about 3 or 4 inches long which
covers chin pretty well. long face thin cheeks high
cheek bones Blue eyes scar on right side of upper
lip large shot lodged in back part of one of his hands
think it is the left upper front teeth far apart and
have conspicuous gold plugs in them large feet and
very long always wears shoes generally fancy ones
when walking he takes long steps has a rolling gait
gambler by profession faro dealing favorite.

Saml I Anderson
Carlisle P.A.
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