William H. Jack to Edward Burleson, November 27, 1835

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Jack to Burleson, November 27, 1835

Camp Above Bexar
27th Novr. 1835

To Edw. Burleson
Comm. in Chief of the
Volunteer Army of Texas

Sir I have the honor to report that
in pursuance of your order on Yesterday
I took up the line of march with de-
tachments of Infantry from different com-
panies amounting in the aggregate to
about 100 men for the purpose
of intercepting the expected convoy. We
proceeded at a brisk trot to the creek
which though cold wide and deep was
forded by the men with the greatest

Shortly after crossing one of
my scouts reported that there was firing
ahead between our cavalry under com-
mand of Col. Bowie, and a party of the

Our march was continued in double
quick time for about half an hour when we ar-
rived near the scene of action.

William H. Jack to Edward Burleson, November 27, 1835, Adjutant General Army Papers, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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