William H. Jack to Edward Burleson, November 27, 1835

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Jack to Burleson, November 27, 1835

We were advancing in tolerably good order and in
double file when we were saluted from the distance
of forty to sixty yards by a tremendous discharge
of musketry along our whole line from an un-
expected and undiscovered foe.

It was immediately ascertained that the
enemy was concealed in a ditch and com-
pletely hidden by the thick muskeet [mesquite] bushes.
A second and third heavy fire was received and
returned when the order for a charge was
given by the Assistant Adjutant General
(Col. Sublett) which was executed with promptness
alacrity and determined courage.

The first division flanked to the
right and the second to the left and in a
few moments the ditch and field were cleared
of every Mexican except their dead & wounded.

The firing still continued along the line
with very considerable warmth until the enemy
after three discharges from their cannon
with grape and canister, retired under
the protection of their batteries in town
leaving us in quiet possession of the field.

It would be unjust to particularize

William H. Jack to Edward Burleson, November 27, 1835, Adjutant General Army Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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