Surrender Of Santa Anna

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And I the said John Forbes under Oath maketh the following statement of the Capture of Gen'l S't Anna and of his introduction to Gen'l Houston, as follows.

Some two days after the Battle of San Jacinto and in the Morning at early sunrise I was attending to some duties close by the guard fire, where the Mexican prisoners were under guard I noticed two men approching me from the Prairie skirting Buffalo Bayou, as they came up to where I was standing. One of the men was a very youthful soldier with his Gun on his shoulder, belonging to Captain Baker's company I think his name was Joel Robertson, the other man was a Mexican in undress and unarmed, the young soldier stated that as he was coming into camp the Mexican threw himself in his way, and requested to be taken to Gen'l Houston The Mexican then quickly addressed me in Spanish, which rendered into english meant, Sir Gen'l Houston, Entimating a desire to see the General and took from somewhere about his person a Letter which he handed to me, pressing his finger on its address, which read Don Lopez de Santa Anna &c I returned the letter to him and asked him if he was Gen'l S't Anna he replied affirmatively and again repeated Sir Gen'l Houston with emphasis, at that moment I was joined by Col. Geo. W. Hockley whom I told who the prisoner was, and that we would take him before Gen'l Houston at that same time we heard from the Mexican Prisoners at the Guard fire an exclamation of El President! El Presidente! The Prisoner placed between Col Hockley and myself, our young Texian Soldier in the rear passed through Col. Burleson's Quarters at the head of which Gen'l Houston's tent was pitched On our arrival we found the Gen'l outside of his tent stretched on a mattrass at the foot of a large tree apparently asleep resting on his left side and his back towards us. We ranged up alongside and I put my hand on his arm to arouse him, he raised himself on his elbow and looked up the Prisoner immediately addressed him telling him who he was and surrendering himself to him a prisoner of War. Gen'l Houston looked at him intensely but made no reply, turning to me requested me to proceed to the Guard fire and bring from thence before him, a young man who was reported to be the private secretary of Santa Anna and who could talk english fluently. I did so, and on my return found the Prisoner seated quietly in a chair beside the Generals Mattrass. The young man on seeing the Prisoner assured General Houston that the Prisoner then before him was truly Gen'l Santa Anna

General Houston wanting additional evidence sent me again to the guard fire to bring Gen'l Almonte before him. In bringing down Gen'l Almonte, I met With Gen'l Tho's J. Rusk and Lieut. Zavalla to whom I mentioned what was taking Place before Gen'l Houston. They accompanied me with Gen'l Almonte to where Gen'l Houston was. when the Prisoner was fully recognized and Identified

Throughout the whole General Santa Anna's demeanor was dignified and soldierlike but a close observer could trace a Shade of sadness on his otherwise impassive countenance.



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