William P. Zuber to Ben E. McCulloch Letter Describing Events at Battle of San Jacinto

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From W.P. Zuber
December 16, 1909

electing their officers. I now remember only
two of the officers, I.N. Moreland, Captain,
and Ben McCulloch, Sergeant. Two of
the artillery men, Ben McCulloch and
Tom Green, were afterward brigadier generals
in the Confederate Army; and both were slain
in battle; McCulloch in the battle of Elk Horn
or Pea Ridge in Arkansas, 1862; and Green in
an attack upon Federal gunboats in Red River,
in Louisiana, 1864. When the company was
organized, J.C. Neill, commissioned as
Lieutenant Colonel of Artillery, but, till now,
a supernumerary, was appointed to command,
being the captain's superior. On the first day
of the battle, Col. Neill was severely wounded
and disabled; and, consequently, on the second
day, the artillery was commanded by George
W Hockley, the man who had conducted the
cannons to the army. All our artillerymen
being inexperienced as such, they were
assisted in battle by a detail of eight
men from our regulars, who had been
drilled as artillerymen in the U.S. Army.

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