William P. Zuber to Ben E. McCulloch Letter Describing Events at Battle of San Jacinto

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From W.P. Zuber
December 16, 1909

In the battle, the mules had been taken
from our artillery, and it was drawn by
hand. Then there were no precussion caps for
cannons; and, when Sergeant Ben McCulloch
was in the act of firing his piece by touching
it with a taper at the end of a rod, Gen Houston,
who had imprudently placed himself in front,
passed in front of Ben's piece; and, had Ben fired
at that critical moment, he would have killed
the general and his horse; but he saw the
general just in time to jerk up the taper and
let him pass. Our artillery charged
to within ten feet of the enemy's breastworks,
and captured the Mexicannon, which
was loaded.

Yours Truly
W.P. Zuber

Please file this with the statement
of Uncle Ben

& oblige
Ben E. McCulloch


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