Fairfax Catlett to Sam Houston, September 5, 1837

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Fairfax Catlett to Sam Houston, September 1837

in a hail storm. He will keep himself out of it if he can[.]

If he cannot he will bend to it and trust in

an overruling Providence! Under existing circumstances

I believe that he is opposed to the measure.

In a question of so much moment and intricacy,

it would be idle in me to attempt more than a general

outline of the prudent position and probable wishes of the

Government of the United States in relation to the annexation

of Texas. I cannot regard it as strange that they should

have declined treating upon the subject. Indeed I

look upon it as a product which might easily have been

foreseen. Yet it was not the less necessary that the

proposition should be made. It has been made, declined,

and it now rests with the Congress of the United States

to determine whether whether Texas shall add another

star to the cluster of the Union or—commence the

conquest of the whole of Mexico.

I have taken the liberty of addressing your

Excellency upon this subject and perhaps of too freely

forwarding one or two of my own opinions thereupon[,] still

I beg leave to indulge a hope that even if they should

be regarded as the visions of vain inexperience, that they

will find some credit with your Excellency, as my sincere

convictions—nothing doubting that whatever fallacy may

exist in them will be easily detected by a mind so well

skilled in the governing motives which control the actions

of public men agreeably to their respective characters.

I am now engaged in copying a rejoinder, pre-

pared by General Hunt to the answer of the Secretary

of State[.] But the negotiation may be regarded as

closed for the present.

The members of Congress are all here, and

have assembled for the specific purpose of arranging the

currency and for that exclusively[.] Numerous enquiries

are made about you by your old acquaintances and

former comperes in politics. The late elections

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Fairfax Catlett to Sam Houston, September 5, 1837. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #1314, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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