Fairfax Catlett to Sam Houston, September 5, 1837

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Fairfax Catlett to Sam Houston, September 1837

have terminated very unfavorably for the present

Question. He cannot be reelected[.] [William C.] Rives and

[Thomas Hart] Benton will both be candidates for the next Presi-

dency. The Whigs are talking of bringing out

Mr Clay once more. The old Jackson party is on

the end of a split upon the subject of the currency[.]

Benton and his followers in favour of an exclusive

metallic currency and the sub Treasury against.

Mr Rives and the conservatives in favour of a

limited issue of paper and the State Banks.

Mr Van Buren is losing ground and will not be

able to keep his party together. Polk has been

elected Speaker over Bell by a small majority.

Under the impression that it is a

privilege which I may venture to add

without fear of intrusion, and that your

Excellency would like to be freely ad-

vised of the progress of matters and

at the Court, I shall encourage a hope [?]

communications which I shall take the liber[ty] [of]

sending you occasionally, will not be unaccep-


With due respect and consideration

I have the honor to be etc.

Fairfax Catlett

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Fairfax Catlett to Sam Houston, September 5, 1837. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #1314, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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