Joseph Eve to Sam Houston, October 7, 1842

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Joseph Eve to Sam Houston, October 1842

this country by accepting either the proposition

of the United States, or that of Great Brittain [sic] to

close the Temple of Janus and consent to an

honorable peace, so well calculated to promote

the best interests of both countries, [and] Stop the

sacrifice of property and of human life.

Should he however determine to indulge an

inflexible pride, and inordinate ambition, by

persisting in the war against Texas he may seal

his own fate and that of his Government and people

much sooner than by cultivating amicable relations

with Texas. I cannot believe that any thing is

more certainly recorded in the book of fate, than

that Texas will maintain its independence at every

sacrifice of blood and treasuare[sic].

If Genl Santa Anna counts numbers and

resources the odds are most fearful against you.

[B]ut if he reflects that the Texeans [sic] are a bould [sic],

chivalraus [sic], intelligent, fearless people, who have

every thing at Stake, who fight for their homes

their wives and children their liberty and the

right of governing themselves; whilst nine

tenth’s [sic] of the Mexican population are a Priest

riden [sic] ignorant race, bound in chains of superstition, which

like an incubus holds all the faculties of his mind

in bandages, and extinguishes every inducement

to enterprise and noble deeds of valour, who is

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Joseph Eve to Sam Houston, October 7, 1842. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #2694, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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