Joseph Eve to Sam Houston, October 7, 1842

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Joseph Eve to Sam Houston, October 1842

forced to leave his family and home and fight for

no principle except the hope of plunder[,] this reflection

should induce him to pause and hesitate before

he plays such an uncertain game of hazzard [sic]

which has once proved so disasteraus [sic] to him.

Yours however is very far from being an

envious condition, with not a dollar in the Treasury[,]

with strong opposition to the executive, without union

or concert, constantly annoyed by maraudering [sic]

Mexican parties. May not your Government be

well compaired [sic] to a ship upon a stormy sea

without much sail or ballast,, where every mar-

iner claims to be a Pilot. [U]nder such difficulties

it requires a Pilot at the helm, of prudence, firm-

ness, and intelligence, to save the vessel from

being capsized by the waves of popular

commotion, or driven upon the beach

by the Mexican sword. That you may be

able to over come all the difficulties with which

you are beset, and steer the ship of state into

a safe port I pray God most sincerely.

The time has arrived when all should

forget their private differences, and unite under

the Single Star, as a band of brother patriots

go heart and hand for the best interests of

the country. I have given you these crude

ideas, hoping that I shall not be considered as

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Joseph Eve to Sam Houston, October 7, 1842. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #2694, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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