William S. Murphy to Anson Jones, February 14, 1844

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William S. Murphy to Anson Jones, February 14, 1844

Legation of the United States

Washington Texas, 14th Feby, 1844.


The undersigned, Chargé d’ Affaires of the United States near

the Government of the Republic of Texas, has the honor to

acknowledge the receipt of your note of this day, representing

to him the delicate situation in which the negotiations pend-

ing between Texas and Mexico, would place the Government

and people of Texas, in case a negotiation for the annexa-

tion of Texas to the United States should be set on foot, and

ultimately fail of its object; and that even the progress of

such negotiation between Texas and the United States, when

known to Mexico would, in all probability, provoke

immediate hostilities on the part of Mexico against Texas,

and which Texas, I am well aware, is illy [sic] prepared to


You therefore ask of me some pledge for the security

of Texas, pending such negotiation, previous to the appoint-

ment of a special minister to act with Mr Van Zandt,

your Chargé d’ Affaires near the Government of the United

States, in opening and conducting that negotiation at

Washington City for the annexation of Texas to the United


Sir, I have no hesitation in declaring, on the part of

of my Government that Mexico nor no other power

will be permitted to invade Texas on account of any

negotiation which may take place in relation to any sub-

ject upon which Texas is or may be invited by the

United States to negotiate; that the United States having

invited that negotiation, will be a guarantee of their

honor, that no evil shall result to Texas from accept-

ing the invitation, and that active measures will be

immediately taken by the United States to prevent the evils

you seem to anticipate from this source.

As far, therefore, as my power and authority may

To the Hon. Anson Jones

Sect’y of States, etc., etc., etc.

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William S. Murphy to Anson Jones, February 14, 1844. United States Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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