George W. Terrell to Ashbel Smith, February 13, 1845

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George W. Terrell to Ashbel Smith, February 1845

he had been informed were still pending between

the U.States and Texas — and a good deal more to the

same purport. To this I replied that it was true Texas

had negotiated a treaty of annexation with the U.States;

for this she found her justification in the circumstan-

ces which surrounded her, and which I had expla-

ined to him in a previous interview; but that I could

assure his lordship his information in regard to pen-

ding negotiations was altogether erroneous. It was

true that some action was being had by the Congress of

the U.States on the subject — but that the Texan Govt

was taking no action whatever on it. In con-

firmation of which I referred him to the valedictory

and the inaugural addresses of the late and present

Presidents of Texas. I could not, however, give his

lordship any assurance if any of the measures

now pending in the American Congress for the admiss-

ion of Texas should pass — and a door

be thus thrown open, that she would not enter into

the Union — all I could say was that Texas was

now acting for herself as an independent nation,

as much so as if she had never contemplated admiss-

ion into the U.States; that the very circumstances of her

sending new diplomatic agents abroad, and wishing

to make new commercial negotiations was an evidence

of the correctness of this statement. It then occurred to

me that something perhaps might be made of England's

well known opposition to annexation, and determined

to endeavor to avail myself of it. I remarked to his

lordship that the project of a new commercial treaty

with England, by which articles the growth or produ-

ction of Texas, could be admitted into British dom-

inions upon more favorable terms than were allowed

by the existing treaty, was a favorite measure with very

many of our citizens; that I could not, of course, insist

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George W. Terrell to Ashbel Smith, February 13, 1845. English Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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