George W. Terrell to Ashbel Smith, February 13, 1845

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George W. Terrell to Ashbel Smith, February 1845

upon his lordship entering into negotiations with me

at present upon the subject — but I thought it very

probable that if I were authorized to say to my Govt, and

let it be made known to the people of Texas — that the Govt

of her Britanic [sic] Majesty was willing to modify

the existing treaty between the two countries in the

manner [I] had suggested, that fact, coupled with

the assuarance, which England and France had

proposed to give, of the speedy recognition of our

independence by Mexico, would exert a very salutary

influence there — that it would go far to counteract

the feverish excitement, on the subject of annexation,

that now pervaded the whole community, and wou-

ld possibly prepare them to reject the measure even

if tendered to them by the U.States. At any rate it

would place them in the hands of the few (and admited [sic] they

were few) who like myself were decidedly opposed to

the measure, the most formidable weapons with which

to fight the battle which must be fought, whenever

that subject is again brought before the people of Texas.

His lordship then appeared quite disposed to entertain

the proposition; he said however that the subject being

one that belongs appropriately to the Board of Trade — the

President of which (as you are undoubtedly aware) is a member

of the Cabinent — I could therefore, at my leisure, bring

the subject before him in writing, and he would lay

my communication before the Cabinet. In the

mean time, I might inform my Govt that that

of her Majesty felt every disposition, as a general

rule, to make the most liberal arrangements for the

encouragement of trade and commerce —

it was probable that important modifications in the existing tariffs should be

made during the present session of Parliament —

and that

in regard to Texas they would extend to her the

most liberal terms which they could do consistently with their treaty obligations

to other nations — that they were disposed to afford

her every aid and encouragement in their power.

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George W. Terrell to Ashbel Smith, February 13, 1845. English Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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