George W. Terrell to Ashbel Smith, February 13, 1845

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George W. Terrell to Ashbel Smith, February 1845

Connected with this subject a good deal of other con-

versation occured, but which having a

more direct reference to the President personally, I tho-

ught it not proper that it should be embraced

in a public despatch, and have therefore detailed it

at length in a private letter to his Excellency; and

in it I endeavored as nearly as I could recollect (and

I paid very close attention) to give the language of the

Earl of Aberdeen; in this I have aimed only to embody

the substance of what was said by his lordship.

In the course of further conversation the Earl

said to me that her Majesty's Govt really felt a strong

solicitude in the welfare of Texas; that they had exer-

ted themselves faithfully and honestly to adjust the

difficulties between her and Mexico; and this not,

as had been charged on the other side of the Atlantic,

from selfish and ambitious motives, or with a view

to obtain an undue influence in the councils of that

country. It was true England expected to reap the advantage

of extended trade and commerce with Texas if she

maintained her separate national existence, but that

the British Govt wished to see her remain indepen-

dent for her own sake — she had manifested so

much vigor and so much enterprise as gave certain

indications of her becoming in time a great nation,

and England wished to see her such. I remarked

to his lordship that the conversation between himself

and Lord Brougham in the House of Lords some

time since, on the subject of the abolition of slavery, had afforded to those who wished to create

a jealous of British influence in Texas, the means

of exciting that feeling in a very high degree — that

I thought it a source of regret that that conversation

had passed — for it had at the time produced a very strong

impression in Texas. His lordship admitted that

it was to be regretted — but continued he, a question

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George W. Terrell to Ashbel Smith, February 13, 1845. English Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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