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R.D. McAnelly to Governor Edward Clark, April 25, 1861

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 RD McAnnelly to Edward Clark, April 1861

April 25th 1861

Gov Clark

Dr Sir

I write you a few lines
to let you know that it apears [sic] that there is
several partys [sic] of Indians in our Vicinity and that
Every day for a weeke [sic] past—I hear of depeations [depredations]
being comited [sic] at different points. On Saturday
last—they Killed Sebrun Gowings—and wounded
Nabours—on Bradys Creek[.] On Thursday they
stole horses near Cowings Salt works—and on
same Night—they stole 14 head from this—
Neighbourhood all fine horses—leaving as many
of our best fighting men a foot. Our people
is geting [sic] Seared [scared][.] Our harvest is on hand and if
we have to turn out after the Indians we will
loose [sic] our crops[.] What shal [sic] we do. [W]here is all
of these companys [sic] that has bin [sic] rased [sic][?] [W]e donot [sic]
hear a word from any of them[.] [I]f we do not
get Some assistance Soon I fear our Settlement
will commence giving way[,] and Should they
commence again[,] I fear there will be a General
Stampede[.] [T]his is the first time that I have ever felt we was
in much danger[.] [T]hey have bin [sic] round in sight
of my house for the last two or three days[,]
and it is not safe to go from one house to
another any more[.] [W]e have no ammunition
of account an[d] can not get it[.] [W]rite me

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R.D. McAnelly to Governor Edward Clark, April 25, 1861. Records of Governor Edward Clark, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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