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R.D. McAnelly to Governor Edward Clark, April 25, 1861

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 RD McAnnelly to Edward Clark, April 1861

to [at] Lampasas and let me know if there is any
probbility [sic] of our geting [sic] any assistance Soon[.]
[T]his Neighbourhood would of broke up
once or twise [sic] in times past if it had not
of bin [sic] for me[,] and if I get bad
Scared there will be more in the Same
fix[.] [I]f you can read this scroll [scrawl]
and understand it I will be glad[.]

your friend in hast [sic]
R.D. McAnelly

McCullough’s Regiment has
gone to the frontier & will I
hope & think afford protection[.]

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R.D. McAnelly to Governor Edward Clark, April 25, 1861. Records of Governor Edward Clark.

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