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Governor Francis R. Lubbock to Major General Theophilus Holmes, September 27, 1862

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Francis R. Lubbock to T.H. Holmes, September 1862

Executive Department
Austin, Sept. 27th 1862.


From the many applications that are being
daily made to me for assistance in furnishing
our Troops now in and en route for Arkansas,
I am fully satisfied the Army is in a very
destitute condition for the want of clothing.

Feeling a deep interest in all that looks
to rendering our Army comfortable and
efficient, I have made every inquiry, and
obtained all the information possible, as to the
probability of furnishing clothing, shoes, blankets, etc.

I feel safe in saying that with proper
energy and industry, shoes and blankets may
be obtained from Mexico[;] clothing, however,
cannot be supplied in time to meet the
wants of the men for the coming winter--
and, should you rely upon getting clothing
from Texas for your Army in Arkansas
I fear the consequences will be disappointing
to you and suffering to our soldiers.

I beg leave to inform you that there is
in transitu within the State of Texas to Louisiana
a large amount of Government cloth, a good
and substantial article, obtained from France,
originally intended, as I learn, for Genl Lovell’s
command, supposed to be sufficient to make
50,000 suits. It is also reported that this

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Francis R. Lubbock to Theophilus Holmes, September 27, 1862. Records of Governor Francis R. Lubbock

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