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Governor Francis R. Lubbock to Major General Theophilus Holmes, September 27, 1862

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Francis R. Lubbock to T.H. Holmes, September 1862

cloth is now lying exposed, for the want of
transportation, and is intended to be carried
across the Mississippi.

Now, my Dear Sir, I merely give
you this information for what it is worth,
begging leave to suggest that it is much
easier to furnish Troops east of the Mississippi
with clothing than it is to supply the Army
West; and to assure you of the total inability
for our troops to be supplied from the limited
resources in this State, and to impress upon
you the importance of retaining all or such
portion of the cloth spoken of, as you may
deem essential to render your Army efficient.

We have but one Manufactory within
the State of Texas, that is the State Penitentiary;
and although I have given almost the entire
proceeds of that Institution to the Confederate
Government, it cannot furnish but a moiety
of what is needed for the Troops West of
the Mississippi.

I will at all times take pleasure
and esteem it but my duty to render any assistance
I can to you and all under Confederate Orders in
making provision for the proper equipping & clothing
of our brave soldiers, and will be pleased at all times
to receive from you such suggestions as you may wish
to offer in relation to the public interest.

I have the honor to be, Yours very resp.
F.R. Lubbock

Genl T.H. Holmes
Little Rock

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Francis R. Lubbock to Theophilus Holmes, September 27, 1862. Records of Governor Francis R. Lubbock.

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