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General T.A. Harris to Governor Francis R. Lubbock, October 24, 1862

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T.A. Harris to Francis R. Lubbock, October 1862

Head Quarters 6th Brigade
Texas State Troops
Marshall, Oct 24th 1862

Hon FR Lubbock


The news
of the fall of Galveston and Sabine
Pass and the consequent possession of
the Same by the Federals has produced
a profound and painful sensation
among our people, but at the same
time a marked determination to ar-
rest their further progress into the
interior, provided an opportunity is
afforded them. From all the facts that
I have been able to gather I have no
doubt but that the Federals are pre-
paring for a vigorous and active cam-
paign during this winter for all
of our Coasts and Rivers. The taking
of Galveston has furnished them a
Depot and station for Soldiers, where
they will be convenient for maurading [sic]
purposes at any point upon the Coast
or up our Rivers. The Taking of Sabine
Pass gives them control of the Sabine
and Neches Rivers and that they
will also obtain control of the
Trinity river I have no doubt.
With this accomplished, their next
object will be to penetrate the interior
with their gunboats as far as possible
raiding through the country, destroying
whatever falls in their way, and stealing
what Contrabanns [sic] they may be able
to find. There is no doubt in
my mind, but that they intend making

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General T.A. Harris to Governor Francis R. Lubbock, October 24, 1862. Records of Governor Francis R. Lubbock.

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