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General T.A. Harris to Governor Francis R. Lubbock, October 24, 1862

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T.A. Harris to Francis R. Lubbock, October 1862

a daring and concentrated effort to
take Huntsville, destroying the Machinery
in the Penitentiary, which if successful
would probably damage us infinitely
more than the taking of any other
point in Texas, under present circum-
stances. With the facts which
surround us, the inquiry naturally arises
in the mind of every thinking individual
as to what preparations and defences [sic] have
been, or are making to prevent such
a Calamity. What has the General
Government done, or what do they pro-
pose doing? If anything has been done,
or proposed to be doing worth noticing
it certainly has been kept a very
profound secret, as madam rumor
has not even borne it this way.

In the absence of prompt and en-
ergetic action by the Confederate Govern-
ment, the minds of the people naturally
turn to you as their Executive with
the hope that you will use whatever
of resources you may have to protect
their right, interest, honor and property
from the insolent and ruthless invader.
I believe that their ingress into the interior
of the Country may be prevented by the timely
construction of proper defences [sic] at suitable
points on our rivers, but if prompt action
is not had, it will be too late. Then I
would suggest that you order out a suffi-
cient number of the State Troops, with a
a [sic] sufficient corps of Engineers to accomplish
this work speedily. Texans can and will de-
fend their own soil from the encroachments of the
invader if called upon. Hoping that you will
give these suggestions that consideration due them
I remain

Very Respectfully Yours
TA Harris Brig Genl
6th Brig Texas State Troops

EA Branche
Adjt & Ins Genl

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General T.A. Harris to Governor Francis R. Lubbock, October 24, 1862. Records of Governor Francis R. Lubbock.

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