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William Scurry to Samuel Cooper, April 2, 1863

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William Scurry to Samuel Cooper, April 1863

Houston April 2nd 1863

To S. Cooper A&I [Adjutant and Inspector] Gen
Richmond Va


I have learned
with great pleasure that Maj A.G. Dickinson’s name has been
placed before the President for promotion to the rank of
Brigadier General. Having been witness to the gallant conduct
of Major Dickinson in the engagement of the 1st January
last at Galveston, I felt it but an act of justice to add my
testimony to his cool courageous bearing, and efficient aid
rendered by him at a critical period of the battle. Most of our
guns had been silenced by the fire of the enemy, many of the
men had been driven back when I was ordered to the front by
Genl Magruder to draw off the guns to prevent their falling
into the hands of the enemy if I found I could not restore the
conflict. Major Dickinson accompanied me, and I gladly
acknowledge my obligations to him, for his fearless example
amid the confusion which presented itself to the front. The
bravest hesitated to go forward—it was necessary for me to
know the exact position of the pieces before exposing the fresh
troops I had brought up, to the heavy fire the enemy were pour-
ing upon the shore. Our cotton boats were approaching the
vessels of the enemy and something must be done to prevent
their concentrated fire from being poured upon the frail de-
fenses of our boats which must inevitably sink them. At
this critical moment Major Dickinson, fully appreciating

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William Scurry to Samuel Cooper, April 2, 1862. Records of the Adjutant General, General Correspondence.

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