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William Scurry to Samuel Cooper, April 2, 1863

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William Scurry to Samuel Cooper, April 1863

the situation, volunteered to go forward in person and make
the examination. It was while in the discharge of this duty,
and after rallying a squad of about thirty men who had ta-
ken shelter behind the houses, and carried them back to one of
the guns, that he received the wound which compelled him to
leave the field. Having obtained a guide to the different pieces
I was advancing to take charge of them when I met Major D,
wounded. Fearing that he would be unable to reach Genl
Magruder’s quarters I sent my aid [sic] to assist him. As soon
as I reached the Strand I found the party of men rallied
by Major D. endeavoring to draw the gun off[.] [I]t was taken to
a more available position where we opened fire with it
upon the boats of the enemy. This together with two other
guns we were fortunate enough to man renewed their fire
just in time to occupy the attention of all their vessels save
the Harriet Lane, leaving our boats unmolested by all
save her until she was carried. The guns thus manned
by the exertions of Major D. fired the last shot at the enemy
in their disgraceful flight from the harbor.

During the time that Major D. was with me he gave
evidence of the requisite qualities of a skillful com-
mander—judgment to see, and courage to execute—
whatever may be found necessary to insure [sic] success.

I have the honor to be General
Your obt Servt
(Signed) W.B. Scurry
Brig Genl

A true copy

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William Scurry to Samuel Cooper, April 2, 1862. Records of the Adjutant General, General Correspondence.

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