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C.G. Wood to James E. McCord, October 10, 1863

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C.G. Wood to J.E. McCord, October 1863

Camp San Saba Oct 10th/63

Col J.E. McCord
Comdg Frontier Regt

My Dear Col

The helpless condition
of my family—consisting of my wife
and seven little children—has become
a source of distress to my mind such
as I have never known before. Eighteen
months ago I joined this Regiment
in the fond expectation that twelve
months would end the war.

I was induced to go into the re-org-
anization, because I thought with
others, that the great struggle had
reached its climax, and a very few
months would suffice to end the work.

Since that time my oldest and
only son of sufficient size to be of any
service to his mother joined the
service, and my wife has been
struggling on for months with her little
ones alone. Winter is now appr-
oaching—my family are almost
destitute of clothing—nearly out of
bread—no meat—and every man in
immediate neighbourhood has either
moved or is making arrangements to do

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C.G. Wood to James E. McCord, October 10, 1863. Records of the Adjutant General, General Correspondence.

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