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C.G. Wood to James E. McCord, October 10, 1863

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C.G. Wood to J.E. McCord, October 1863

If I move my family I must
build them a house—if they stay
where they are,, they are constantly
exposed to danger from Indians
and have as I said no one upon
whom to depend for protection,
my oldest boy at home being
but nine years of age.

I am also receiving letters from
my Father and mother “who are
almost entirely helpless—one being
seventy two and the other seventy ye[ars]
of age” informing me of their situ[-]
ation and asking my assistance.

It is under these circumstances
that I am desirous of obtaining a
discharge from the service. If you
will doo [sic] the kindness to procure
my discharge at your earliest conv-
enience I shall take it as a special
favour for which I shall hold
myself under lasting obligations
to my colonel.

I am very Respectfully Your
Obedient Servant
C.G. Wood
3rd Sargt Co “K”
Texas Frontier Regt


Camp San Saba
Oct 13th 1863

The above petition of Sargt Wood of my

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C.G. Wood to James E. McCord, October 10, 1863. Records of the Adjutant General, General Correspondence, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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