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Report of William Quayle, September 29, 1864

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Report of William Quayle, September 1864

Head Quarters 1st Frontier District
Decatur Sept 29th 1864


Since my last to your office
the Indians have been quite troublesome
in parts of the District[.] [O]n the 19th inst
they killed two young men in Jack County
and carried of[f] a Boy[.] [O]n the 20th they killed
a man[,] woman and child and carried
off a little girl in Parker County and
on the 21st the[y] carried off a boy and
left dead (killed) a child in this county[.]
[T]hey are in Small bands and elude
the Scoutes[.] [sic] They have also stolen
quite a number of Horses. [O]ur
Scoutes [sic] are after them actively but
as yet without any Success[.]

All the men appear to be doing their
best to check them but on account
of the broken country and the travling [sic]
of the Indians in the night they have
so far escaped punishment this time[.]
We have just received a fine lot of
Ammunition which you sent up that is
all but Buck Shot which is much
needed here[.] [W]e have sent a requisition
for some which I am in hopes you can fill
and send to us as soon as possible.

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Report of William Quayle, September 29, 1864. Records of the Adjutant General, General Correspondence, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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