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Report of William Quayle, September 29, 1864

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Report of William Quayle, September 1864

This District is now almost entirly [sic]
clear of Deserters and what few comes [sic]
in get but a short time to stay often being
arrested againe [sic] and returned[.]

I find that although the Forces do not got
all the Indians which comes in to the
country the People are highly pleased
with the organization and have the
greatest of confidence with giving
them the best protection which
can be afforded[.] They are very
unfortunately situated for the coming
winter and it will be quite hard for
them to keep their Horses in condi-
tions to range as much as should be
done[.] As their corn cropes [sic] were near-
ly an entire failure in the District
and wheat crop nearly so[,] most all
of them have to go to the interior Counties
for Bread[.] I mention this to show you
the true Conditions of the District[.]
But I know that they will do the best
they can[.] I herewith enclose monthly
report for August[.]

I am sir very respectfully
Wm Quayle
Maj Comdg Dist.

Col DB Culberson
Adjt. & Insp. General

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Report of William Quayle, September 29, 1864. Records of the Adjutant General, General Correspondence, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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