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George R. Freeman to F.W. Emory, June 26, 1865

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George R. Freeman to F.W. Emory, June 1865

Austin June 26th 1865

Major F.W. Emory
A.A. Genl.


Having been a Capt
in the army of the Confederate
State, in view of Genl Order 7 and ___[?]
Dist Texas for the U.S. Forces, I deem it proper
to suggest by letter the following facts, which
I respectfully request may be laid before
Major Genl Granger, with the further re-
quest in behalf of my Company here
engaged & myself, that arrangements be
made by which we may be relieved
and paroled at this place, of which I
beg to be assured in reply to this.

Detached from my command at the time of
its dissolutions, and unable to obtain orders
from any superior authority, I had but the
alternative to return to my home at this place[.]
On my arrival here I found the public
Stores Sacked and the whole city in tumult.
A riotous mob, from public stores, were
passing to the ravishment of private prop-
erty. After several unsuccessful efforts by
city & State officers to organize for protection

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G.R. Freeman to F.W. Emory, June 26, 1865. Records of the Adjutant General, General Correspondence, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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