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George R. Freeman to F.W. Emory, June 26, 1865

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George R. Freeman to F.W. Emory, June 1865

against lawless excesses, I organized a company
of about 30 returned Soldiers & by their assistance
restored order & quiet.

The necessity of an organization having ap-
parently passed by and the men having no
means of support except their private re-
sources, I dispersed them to be called together
only on an agreed signal. On the night of
the 11th June after nine o'clock I was informed
that a band of robbers were robbing the
State Treasury. I had the alarm signal
given and the citizens as far as practica-
ble called out. Of a large assembly
on the streets nineteen men volunteered
and moved with me upon the robbers, who
30 or 40 in number were in possession of the
Treasury building. The latter fled at our
approach, taking with them from the Treas-
ury, it is supposed about 17,000 dollars. One
of their number, whom we found in the act
of taking money from a safe & who fired upon
us was shot & died of his wounds. We saved
as I am informed by the Comptroller about
thirty thousand dollars in specie and U.S.
Coupons and some hundreds of thousands
of dollars in liabilities to the State of Texas,
all belonging to the School fund of the State[.]

This service & hazard of my men was

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G.R. Freeman to F.W. Emory, June 26, 1865. Records of the Adjutant General, General Correspondence, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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