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H.R. Satimer to Pendleton Murrah, November 24, 1864

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HR Satimer to Governor Murrah, November 1864

Clarksville Texas Novr 24 64

Gov Murrah

Dear friend—

Senator Wootten has
returned home, and informed me, that you had written
me several letters lately, & had received no reply. During
your residence in Austin, I have recd but one letter from
you, & that early last spring, tendering the appoint-
ment of A.d.C. I regret exceedingly your letters
were lost on the way, as the perusal would have
afforded me much pleasure, besides it would have
been a pleasing task to have replied. In conversation
with our Senator, I learn the Legislature [has] done but little
in redeeming the currency, the great object for which they
were called together. The financial condition of the
State & Confederacy is indeed fearful, and the remedy
beyond the control of Governors or Legislatures. Speculation
and the trade with Mexico has been a curse to the country.
A few bales of calico & other articles have been brought
here, & sold at enormous prices, & the price of home prod-
uction & every thing else has been shaped accordingly.

Gen Price’s army is in Fannin Lamar & Red River Counties,
whipped, broke down and demoralysd [sic], hundreds of them
floating over the country, attached to no command &
subject to no order, reckless and dispirited, are prepar-
ed for anything. These men have [?] new recruits and

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H.R. Satimer to Pendleton Murrah, November 24, 1864. Records of Governor Pendleton Murrah.

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