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W.G. Freeman's Inspection of Fort Worth, September 7, 1853

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Colonel W.G. Freeman, inspection report of Fort Worth, 1853

Fort Worth, the next fort visited, is 25 miles South
of East, and 91 miles distant from Fort Belknap. The journey
occupied three days. Much of the road between the two forts was
over hilly and rocky ground, which is also cut up in many places
by the nos. of small streams and by many arroyos; but though
rough it is probably seldom impassable. This country is not settled
until coming within a few miles of Fort Worth.

XXIII . . . Fort Worth – (Inspected September 7, 1853.)

This fort was established in 1849 by the late
Brvt. Maj. W.A. Arnold of the 2d Dragoons. It is situated on
the south side of the Trinity river, at the mouth of the Clear Fork,
and of its tributaries, in latitude 32°47’ North, longitude 77°25’
East. Fort Graham, the next fort, is 56 miles distant, it being
___[?] South 15 miles West. This fort is on a disputed tract of land,
and nothing has been paid for rent or for the timber and fuel
cut. The buildings (Figure Q) are of logs and were constructed by
the troops. A wagon express is sent weekly to Fort Graham
for the mail, which is brought there by the land companies [?]
from Waco, the post office for both stations.

The nearest towns or villages are Dallas, with 350
inhabitants, 38 miles East, and Birdville and Alton, with a popu-
lation of 50 each, distant 9 and 35 miles respectively.

No Indians have visited the fort since last Autumn

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Brevet Lieutenant Colonel W.G. Freeman's Inspection of the 8th Military Department, 1853. Manuscript Collection, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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