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W.G. Freeman's Inspection of Fort Worth, September 7, 1853

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Colonel W.G. Freeman, inspection report of Fort Worth, 1853

96 bis. [?]

Fig. Q—Rough plan of Fort Worth, Texas.


a. Comy. offrs. Qs. 2 rooms, 18x18, with passages 15 ft.
hewn logs—clapboard roof—leaky

b. Offrs Qs. 2 rooms, 15x15, with 8 ft passage.

c. Offrs Qs. 2 rooms, 14x14, with 8 ft passage.

d. Qs. Co. B, 2 Drags—2 double buildings with
passages between of 12 ft—4 rooms, 17x17 Not leaky

e. Unoccupied Compy Qs.—palisade work—logs
leaky & no floor.

f. Hospital—body of building 34x17—2 corner
rooms 10x10—framed—board floors—clapboard roof.
2 piazzas.

g. Adjutant’s Office—framed—2 rooms, 11x11, with
passages of 7 ft—2 leaky piazzas

h. ___[?] Commissary Storeroom, 90x31, logs, no
floors—clapboard roof.

i. Q. Master’s Storeroom, 30x15—logs, no floor,

k. Guard House—logs—without floor, 12x12

l. Bakehouse—logs, 15x20—leaky

m. Compy Mess Shed—palissade [sic] work, 30x15--
no floor—leaky.

n. Compy Stable—palissade [sic] work, 150x30--
clapboard roof—leaky

o. Unfinished QMr’s Stable-- palissade [sic] work.

p. Laundresses Qs. 12x15—logs, no floors—

q. Sutler’s [?] Store.

r. Kitchens—logs—15x15—puncheon floors—

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Brevet Lieutenant Colonel W.G. Freeman's Inspection of the 8th Military Department, 1853. Manuscript Collection, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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