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Erastus Reed to Governor Francis R. Lubbock, July 12, 1863

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Erastus Reed to Governor Lubbock, July 1863

Boerne 12th July 1863

His Excellency Governor FR Lubbock

Dear Sir

As senator from
this district I am daily asked, why is it that the most
exposed parts of the district are subject to the draft and
if the Governor knows our situation, but I am unable to
give any satisfactory answer, only, that in the opinion
of the Governor and Commanding General they are
needed and should not in times like these complain.
Still I cannot think you are aware of the situation
of this district. It is one where there are no negros [sic]
to make and geather [sic] the crops, and at the present
time not white men enough to do it. I know well
that there has been a feeling against many parts of
this district for their union sentiments in times
gone by, but most of those who were considered
disloyal have fled from the country, some to Mexico,
some up a tree, and many even killed in the fight
that took place last summer with Duffs company
and a party making their way out of the country.
[T]his has left but few to take care of the women & children
left behind them[;] some may think they do not

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Erastus Reed to Governor Francis R. Lubbock, July 12, 1863. Records of Governor Francis R. Lubbock, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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