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George Fisher to Sam Houston, April 1842will render the proper ____ [?] to the Depart.

              To night (from 7 [to] 9 o’clock) I had a visit from
Dn Miguel Borbacharo Lt. Governor, to whom Mr.
Lothrop was introduced by Mr Seeger, and in the course
of Conversation, upon various Subjects, he manifested
to us his opinion that there is nothing else left for Yu-
catan than the Independence; that it can not be avoi-
ded as this Country never can go back to Mexico upon
terms to suit that Country. That the public opinion
as to the Independence is general through the whole
State, with the exception of Campeche, where a few
Commercial men, engaged in the Salt trade are
opposed to it, but even these would sooner join to
the independent party and sacrifice their interest
than go back to Mexico in humiliating Conditions by
which their liberty would be jeopardized. The order
of the Executive to elect Representatives to the Mexican
Convention (Congreso Constitiguste [?] ) is said to be a
Ruse de Guerre” and it is generally supposed
that altho’ the elections are ordered by the Government
to be held in virtue of the 12th Article of the Treaty with
Mexico, that the people will let the day (24th inst)
pass away without holding them, and that Secret in-
structions to that effect are gone forth (by the Secret
tribunal) to the proper agents[.] This manuvre [sic] we
would call “playing a double handed game”—it seems
that the Yucatan Executive has found out the Mexican
President’s wires.

              It is getting late (1. o’clk. A M. 23rd inst.)
and I am fatigued and to morrow we all go to Dili-
gence to Sisal, where I desire to greet Commodore Moore
and make arrangements for my return home, which I
presume will not be very distant unless some new instruc-
tions shall be to the contrary, for all of which I respect-
fully refer to Col. G.W. Hockley. I am Anxious to get
home, or rather to Matamoras. I hope now the theatre of
War. Matamoras we must have—and establish a Custom
House at the Brasos de Santiago, and by blockading the

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George Fisher to Sam Houston, April 22, 1842. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #2400, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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