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Claim of John Tod for services of Perry Marshal, 1852I, John G. Tod, hereby authorise [sic] and
Empower Alfred F. James, to receive all
pay due to me from the late Republic, or
present State of Texas, for the Services
of the Negro slave “Perry Marshal” who was
employed in the Navy of said late Republic
in the capacity of steward, as will appear
by reference to the Several Pay Rolls on
file in the Auditors [sic] office at the City of
Austin and to which pay I am Entitled
as the owner of the Service of said Slave
which will more fully appear by
reference to the accompanying affidavit.

              Giving said James full authority, for
me, and in my name, to receipt for
the Sum or Sums of money So received by
him by virtue hereof—Witness my
hand and scrawl for Seal this 20th
March 1852[.]  

Jno. G. Tod (seal)
late Navy of Texas

  State of Texas

County of Galveston

              Be it known that on this
Twentieth day of March A.D. One thousand eight
hundred & fifty two before me E P Hunt a
Notary Public for Galveston County personally
Came Jno G Tod to me personally known and
acknowledged the above Letter of Attorney to
[text obscured] for the sole purpose therin [sic] stated[.]

In testimony Whereof I have
herewith Subscribed My name and
affixed My Seal of Office at the
City of Galveston this day from
where written.  

E.P. Hunt
Notary Public

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Claim of John Tod, March 20, 1852. Texas Navy Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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